Douze Janvye

I was not there but I am assuming now was probably the worst time for most, after the devastating earthquake. Those who were unconscious began to stir, trapped with no light in sight. Those who were stuck realized as it got darker, no one was coming for them. Those who had loved one’s take their last breath in their presence were praying that their time surely would come. No sharp object around to end the emotional pain that surpassed the physical. Those who were pregnant anticipating giving birth to a lifeless life or a lifeless life. 

Oh how we complain about what may seem to be a hard life, in our POV, but nothing compared to that midnight hour in Ayiti Cheri. Our beloved, Kiskeya Boyo, mother of the earth. 

Indeed, the load we carry is heavy and at any moment we may or may not collapse under it. But nothing like collapsing with an earth that betrayed you. An earth that promised to hold and guide your feet along the paths of life. 

Did you feel the heaviness of Ayiti Cheri, earth? Did you grieve along with her strife? Is destruction your method of grieving, earth? When I grieve, I repair myself. Why can’t you repair our beloved, earth? Why can’t you fix this? 

When I am depressed, everything just festers and disappears into my whole being. You, earth, your mentality is not supposed to resemble human nature. Your job is to support our feet. We are supposed to hit solid ground when we fall. But you, earth, you swallowed them whole. 

You swallowed our seeds and gave them no hope to bring forth life. 

The Fast and the Fearless

I have always been a fast girl. I was walking by 7 months, was the first in the litter box sand box to cut her first tooth, and the first to be plagued with chicken pox (Do kids still get this?). Everything always seem to move pretty quickly, and I adapted to the fast pace lifestyle that was undoubtedly part of who I was. As I got older I was the first to complete my exams, first to finish my food and the first to finish getting ready

I was sitting in my car one day ( may she rest in Yaris heaven) and realized that I was feeling rushed. I was nearly out of breath and this all could have been remedied if I took my time. Maybe I could have gotten up a little earlier, paced myself and accomplish my morning activities without feeling like Jason Voorhees was sitting in my backseat. I locked my doors immediately, and looked back to make sure the masked mad man wasn’t indeed after me.  I needed to start over.

I made the resolution right then and there to slow down.  True time waits for no one, but I controlled how I made use of my time. I needed to plan my days better, make better use of my time and not burden myself with things that I really could not change. I needed to leave room to breathe. My breathing is necessary, imperative, mandatory, and all other words that emphasize this significance to my growth. How could I accomplish my future goals if I forgot this easy God-given gift.

No worries my fast ass life is a message, and it’s for someone (:-)). Growing up my mom always use to tell me “Qui va lentement arrive surement”. I never use to get it because I took it in its literal sense. How could I go slow, and still arrive where I needed to be. But really it means no matter how fast or slow you go you will still reach your destination.  Sometimes life happens and causes you to take unexpected detours, but stay focused on your goals. Don’t let the small mishaps dictate your future.  If the current path you are on is not what’s meant for you I am sure you will find your niche.  Don’t get discouraged and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Be open to new and great things that will change your life. Life and human nature are unavoidable so the days that time is not on your side it’s  okay to chuck it up as a lost. No sense in crying over spilled milk.  I’ve applied this every aspect of my life: waking up, getting ready, work and etc.., and it has made a huge impact. I worry less, I accept the things I cannot change and make it my mission to change the things that  I can–all because I have more time.

Breathe, Slow down, Be patient, and Move forward!

En tout cas,