Love: my way.

We tend to be so casual when we say I love you. Whether it is to family, friend, or lover(s) (plural because unfortunately and selfishly, it’s possible to love two people at once-cue Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.”).

I’m learning to love differently. I’m learning not to love based on emotions or how someone makes me feel. It’s important to me that someone earns my love. Show me that you are worthy to receive these three intimate words. Love, for me, comes from respect, honor, loyalty, trust, communication, and honesty.

I stress the “me” because everyone loves differently. Everyone’s timing is different. Don’t let the next person decide when or how you should love. Love is freedom. Love is fluid. Love doesn’t always need to be reciprocated. Love isn’t staying because you have no choice. Love isn’t a trap. Love is making a decision to leave but still holding down your responsibilities. When you love, you make a judgment call. You make a promise. You give permission.

Love hard, my friends. 💕💕

Que Dites-vous? (What say you?)

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