My vows to forever

My schedule has cleared up a little bit, and I’ve got some time on my hand. I take a vow to listen. There has been so much going on around me, and I haven’t had a chance to just listen, and be obedient to the positive thoughts that infiltrate my spirit…my entire being.

I haven’t had a moment to reflect on my blessings, the beauty of love that surrounds me, and letting light completely penetrate my core.

I vow to feed my spirit fruits of joy, exciting challenges, wholesome love and truths.

I vow to make sacrifices for myself in order to reach my life resolution to succeed- forsaking all negative energy, all toxic relationships, and all things false.

I vow to be patient as the desire of my heart is being fulfilled. Praying fervently that the decision I made was indeed the path I should have gone– for now it’s all I know.

I vow to be slow to anger and be more inviting. I am sure I’ll be better for it.

I’m excited to grow, and these applied vows shall be evidence of my growth. I’ve hanged my disappointments, my attempts to give up, and decided to live.

Amen.Ashe (so be it),



Que Dites-vous? (What say you?)

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