My first heartbreak

I fell for him in my sweat pants and wife beater. That day he kept his promise to me, and I ran downstairs with feathered feet. Not a care in the world because the man I was digging was waiting for me in the lobby. I was pretty young. I just turned 20, and he was 30. I was captivated by his smile, his curly short hair cut, and the coarse sound of his voice. He was fine as hell, and I wanted me a piece of Eduardo. I was curious about his everything– especially the swag and his Trinidad and Tobago and Dominican Republic heritage that penetrated his core. I was smitten.

I met Eduardo on the metro in DC as i was headed to court. He told me to smile, and i was hooked. His reasons for being at the court turned me on..little did i know it shouldnt have at all (nothing felonious folks). Hesitantly I gave Eduardo my number, and went about my internship business.

Well I’ll have you know in the midst of Eduardo’s courtroom shuffle he lost my number. Apparently he searched all the courtrooms till he found me. You can imagine my surprise, fear and nerves when the court officer asked me to step outside. I thought for sure I was going to be apprehended by the men in blue because of the purple scissors I accidentally brought to court that morning. This man just won major points with me!!

That one day when I met him in the lobby I knew things were perfect. I wasn’t sent to DC to get sprung, but the heart wants what it wants. I was worried about a few things because he was a grown ass man.

Would he want me to stay in DC?

Would he want that cake!? As much as I wanted to throw it at him I truly wasn’t ready for that experience. Not this fresh cookie!! Lol

How soon would he want to settle down? I had my whole 20 yr old life to live, and wasn’t ready for all of that.

To be continued…

En tout cas,



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