A few things about me

1. I’m not a people person, but I like to schmooze. The people I am person’s to…I cherish ♥
2. July 22nd used to be just my close friends’ bday, but now it’s much more.
3. I am the most vulnerable to myself.
4. The story I currently am working on is really about me…No one will ever read it though.
5. I don’t have a daily routine…I enjoy spontaneity.
6. I’m allergic to caffeine (coffee, black tea, chocolate etc…).
7. I don’t eat red meat, seafood, ice cream, and not a fan of chicken.
8. I am first concerned about the impact my children’s father will have in their life.
9. I don’t ever wear my watch.
10. My heart skips a few beats.
11. I have one particular friend that is in sync with my thoughts..my everything (My P.I.G.)
12. I always sit under the table with my shoes off. No matter where I am.
13. I like to wear flip flops in the rain.
14. I’m always smiling.
15. I am my center ♥.
16. Falling out of love was painful. I’m not sure I’ll ever recover.
17. I make pretty cool jewelry, but I don’t like to ever show them to people.
18. This year I just wanted socks for Christmas
19. It doesn’t take much
20. I took a major risk on December 17th, 2012. I am ready for the amazing consequences.


En tout cas,



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