Teenage chronicles continue from previous post

I even wrote a damn song or something of that nature at 15. I’m laughing so hard right now at this damn journal.

Where life is sweet it may even be golden
Look at me soar to freedom
I’m wearing white cuz I’m pure (smh- says the 27 yr old me lol).
I’m smiling cuz I’m believing that this is too good to be true and will possibly never end (smh-says the 27 yr old me).
I’ve got some space now too.
Think cuz my brain is clutter free.
Breathe cuz I’ve exhaled…I’ve waited so long.
I’m even crazy because crazy’s the new sexy (Oh really now Jenny- 27 yr old me)

This is my future…stay a while, wait a while. There’s a party in my mind…care to join…it’s a wild ride…heck yea

Oh oh oh yea.

Fast-forward. I have absolutely no words about this craziness called my teen life. No words. Thank God I have outgrown this crazy stage. God be with my future children.


En tout cas,



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