Playing Role of Victim

Last week I almost fell victim to the disease of giving up. I wasn’t going to give up because I had so much on my plate, but because I was afraid of failing.  As mentioned in a previous post I began to build an ego at a very young age, and failing would be undeniably something that would bruise my ego. I wasn’t ready for this to happen because I know from experience a bruised ego for me hurts more than a broken heart. I feel it in my throat and could literally feel my self tearing apart. It is something that I know that I need to get over–I accept that and am taking on that challenge.  I needed to have a pep talk with myself, and it went something like this:

“Jae, now you know giving up counts as failure right?”

“Nuh unh. It doesn’t count if I choose to give up”

“Child please”

I collected myself and decided that I needed to press forward. I knew I wasn’t going to fail, and I needed to trust the process.  Everything happens accordingly and I need to accept that.  Before I went on about my moving forward business (I will let you know what this process is in a couple of weeks). I came across this great site.  And I have to warn you that the language used is not so nice.  However, sometimes I need someone to speak reckless with me in order to get the picture.  Perhaps you are the same.  If you are offended by any of the following statements 1. you probably need these more than I do 2. stop reading.  Either way I trust that you will truly appreciate the true beauty, and do work!

Trust your fucking process

Study your fucking process

Be fucking bold

Fucking risk everything

Get up fucking early

Learn to take some fucking criticism 

Capitalize on the fucking experience

Fucking inspire someone 

Don’t fucking procrastinate

Give a fucking damn

Constantly fucking challenge yourself

You have to fucking want it

Be fucking honest with yourself 

Get over your fucking self.

Keep fucking learning.

And this one is from me to you: Always be fucking great

En tout cas,



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mai
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 19:28:07

    Love it. I am a big fan of giving up because I’d rather quick than fail. “Always be fucking great”


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