Woman, thou art strong

I was raised by a lot of strong women. They all embody in some form the modern Proverbs 31 Woman. Though they may not have intentionally done so they took this beautiful gift, and created with it. They showed us the importance of caring for a family: creating and preparing a table for a family, teaching the children the fundamental values of life, feeding multitudes and making a $1 out of $0.15. When I think of these women in my life, I envision that lone mother lifting a truck off her toddler. They would move mountains, heaven, and earth to be sure that we suffered not, and that all our needs were supplied. They did it all out of love, and I know this now.

Fortunately for you this isn’t a tale of how I am destined to be a Stepford wife -far from. I haven’t refuted any of the strong women teachings over the years, but I once misinterpreted their love as weakness. They toiled, were bent, tossed and took emotional blows, but were resilient. They continued to love, continued to work hard and continued to create a life. They never gave up on anything or anyone that was worth the fight. I didn’t get it because I just knew I would throw in the towel…and the one time I did I immediately realized it wasn’t about their weakness, but mine.

Somewhere along the teachings I picked up the idea that to be a strong woman you needed to not feel. You also needed to be guarded because any distractions would keep you from fulfilling the most important task of providing. Your heart rolled up along with those sleeves, and only came out for the required playtime. I saw what I wanted until my love became like theirs –personified. As my love personified I accepted that these women had faults, but loved. Love was the driver of all they did, and all they worked for. Love has become my commander in chief. My Agape, my Phileo, my Storge, my Eros.

I love fluidly

En tout cas,



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