If nothing else…

If given the opportunity to do only one thing I would choose to save your life. Unfortunately I wasn’t gifted with magic hands, or even the ability to stomach an invasive procedure in an operating room. My quest to save your life rests solely on deeply seeded passion to make a difference in the lives of women suffering from disparities that currently exist in our society. Disparities that stem from inequality, misogyny, unequal distribution of power, and just plain ol’ bad luck.

My current task is to figure out how to take on this role of superwoman, and bring my sisters: Daughters of Eve to their personally defined Utopia. My mind is currently going around in circles because I haven’t been able to put a dent in my task, but all is not lost because I am working on it. I work on it by learning, growing, loving and understanding myself first in order to fulfill the aforementioned arduous task that I have taken on.

I pray that in this lifetime I am able to fulfill this necessary task, and if nothing else I pray that my legacy lives on when my soul has retired.

En tout cas (in any case),



Que Dites-vous? (What say you?)

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